Madrid public Transportation – How to move around

How to get along with the public transports of Madrid and not get lost in the process!

In the end, moving around is pretty easy when you know all the inexpensive and varied options that are available. Subway, Electric Bicycles, Buses, Electric cars, Trains…

Get to know all the the options, with maps, tips and prices through the information below. Have a nice trip!!


Metro de Madrid

The most emblematic transport in Madrid is the subway, built in 1919 is one of the biggest underground networks in the world. Pretty easy to use and with plenty of stations in the city centre and in the neighbour towns.

The ticket costs between 1,5€ y 2€ depending on the number of stations you are going to use. A 10-travel ticket (Metrobus) is 12,20€, we strongly recommend this last one as it is worth it with just 6-7 uses and can be shared with friends. It can also be used in the EMT local buses.

If you are stopping in the Airport station you need to pay an additional fee of 3€.

Below you can reach the official map of the Metro network, as well as a schematic touristic map with the most important stops to visit Madrid. The service starts at 6:00 AM until 1:30 AM at night.

Key Stations: Chueca, Gran Vía, Alonso Martínez, Callao, Tribunal and Sol

Key Lines: 1, 5 and 10

Full offcial Metro Map Madrid
Full Official Metro Map
touristic map metro madrid subway
Touristic Metro Map


Buses – EMTbus_emt

EMT is the name of the public bus company of Madrid. Sometimes the Bus is the best way to move around the city centre if you want to avoid to change trains in the metro network.  Also you can see the beautiful streets while you reach your destination.

The ticket is 1,5€ and is purchased inside the bus to the driver directly. Keep in mind they usually don’t have change for bills bigger than 5€. You can also use the Metrobus 10-travel ticket used in the Metro network (12,20€).

To reach the city centre from the Airoport take the Airport Express bus. It takes just 15 minutes at night and is operating 24/7 for just 5 euros.

Below you have a map with the most important lines to visit the touristic spots, and the timetable for the Airport Express bus.

touristic map emt bus madrid
Touristic sites Bus Map
airport express timetable emt bus madrid
Airport Express timetable







Wouldn’t be amazing to rent an electric bike and just leave it at your destination without worrying about it again? Well, that is BiciMad, the public bicycle service of Madrid. You just pick and drop any bike in one of its plenty stations around the city centre, there are special shared lanes all around the city so you can ride safely, and is by far the coolest transport in Madrid.

The price is 2€ for one hour de uso, enough to reach any destination in the city centre.

Below you can find a map with the stations to pick and drop them. Also links to download the App, highly recommended for its GPS functionality to check the nearest stations and their availability.

map of stations bicimad madrid
Map of Stations. Bicimad







Taxi rates are regulated by the government. The minimum fare to start the journey is 2,40€ during the day and 2,90€ at night after 21:00 PM, and the price per km is 1,05€ y 1,20€ respectively.

If you are coming or going to the Airport there is a fixed rate of 30€ to/from the city centre, to avoid scams from the taxi drivers.

Beside the conventional taxis, Apps like Mytaxi , Hailo or Uber X are also pretty popular.



One of the newest public services is Car2Go. Basically you can pick a 2-seater electric car parked at any corner of the city centre to be used and paid by the minute. The price is pretty low, so this is a service that is very popular among locals to move around when there is not a traffic jam around.

The prices are 0,19€ per minute or 59€ for the full day. Also they are exempt of paying any parking fee when dropping them at any street.

The car used is Smart ForTwo electric model which is very silent and pretty fast. For more information on this carsharing service visit the following link.


Regional Trains – Cercanías Renfelogo-vector-renfe-cercanias

If you have been late booking a hotel and only found in the outskirts of Madrid, or you just enjoy sleeping in a quiet area, the fastest transportation to reach the city centre is the Cercanías trains.

(If you want to avoid this situation run to visit our Travel to Madrid and Find a Place to Stay sections) 😀

With Sol and Atocha stations you can be at the Gay Pride in only 20 minutes from miles away from the city centre, skipping the chaotic traffic jams of the main roads and arriving full of energy to enjoy the celebration.

From the Airport there is also a train reaching Madrid, but be careful, it only stops in the Terminal 4.

There is a wide range of fares depending on the areas you are travelling through, being the most common 1,70€-1,85€ to reach the city from the surrounding towns and 2,60€ from the Airport.

Key Stations: Sol, Recoletos and Atocha

Below you can find the complete map of Cercanias network.

cercanias stations map madrid
Cercanias Train Stations


The MotoSharing service of Madrid is currently being implemented. A hybrid between Car2Go and BiciMad will provide electric scooters to move around the city, ready to be dropped at any street.

We will be posting new information on this service as it develops, they are expected to be ready by the beginning of 2017.


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