New Video Madrid World Pride 2017

The government of Madrid has just released the last video of the World Pride 2017 that Madrid is hosting this year.

The video shows moments of last year Orgullo Pride celebration, like the high heel race, the parade or the open air concerts. You can feel in the video the atmosphere of tolerance and diversity of Madrid as well as the friendly and fun celebration.

Crossing the paths of a boy and a girl that visit on their own the city, the video shows their evolution interacting with the party until they both find love.

All kinds of people appear in the video. Lesbian, transexual and even straight families, showing the open minded society of Madrid.

“Whoever you love, Madrid loves you”

The last Spring 2015, when Madrid was granted the World Pride 2017, the following video was released. Events like the Human Rights Conference or the sport competitions are shown on the video. Enjoy it!

The WorldPride is about to be the biggest event this year in Spain, and probably worldwide.