Madrid New Year’s Eve 2017 Best Gay Parties

Gay and Gay-friendly top parties

The best parties to start the year full of energy…

New Year’s Eve (Nochevieja in Spanish) is almost there. If you are visiting Madrid and still don’t have a plan, Don’t Worry! We are here to make your day (night in this case). Check out the list we made with the parties that still have tickets available.

We Party: New Year Festival

We Party New Year Festival is our favorite, basically because its 6 days and 5 nights of party on a row, from the 27th of December until the 1st of January, and completely Gay Oriented.

 We Party NYF is now the biggest winter gay festival in Europe!

An event that gathers more than 20.000 people from all over the world, to celebrate New Year’s Eve with the hottest guys and an amazing and unique energy.

The club is on the riverside, and is weel known in Madrid as one of the best places for concerts and music events. Take a look:

PK2 Nochevieja 18€ (before Dec 20th)

Pirandello club is organizing this event with a completely renovated building with a new sound system and tons of culture of good electro-pop, dubstep, house y techno music.
The event will have three different clubs with specific music styles, PIRANDELO 1, 2 and 3.

Brietney Spears, Madonna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Calvin Harris, Ariana Grande,Rihanna, David Guetta, Ricky Martin, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Shakira, Kylie, Sia…

Guest DJs and the best Go-Go dancers and performances.

Alaska, Monica Naranjo, Juan Magan, Miguel Bosé, Natalia, Camela, Marta Sánchez, Edurne, Azúcar Moreno, Nancys Rubias, Malú…

Go-Go’s and Performances at PK2:
Kika Lorace, Lara Sajem, Supremme Deluxe, Las Hermanas Farala, Rubena Rouge,Miss Davilota, Psicótica, Rita Singing, Valeria Naforte, Diva Houston, Lady Pulpa, Kyller Queen, Darkyta, Ursula Estar, …

The entrance will be at PIRANDELO 2 (C/ Ventura Rodriguez 7, Metro station: PLAZA DE ESPAÑA ).

BUT – Nochevieja’16 with “Tres a las Tres” and “Ochoymedio” DJs

This is one of our favorite Gay-Friendly clubs for every weekend, good music and good vibe. This year they mix up for New Year’s Eve Party two of their sessions OCHOYMEDIO and TRES a las TRES!!


Great surprises for that night are announced. You can buy your ticket by clicking here

MalaMala – Nochevieja

 Malamala Madrid  is another classic. Hot guys, great performances and the trendiest music. Probably the best gay party during the weekends. One of the best options to start the new year.

Entrance + 2 drinks: 20€ buying in advance.

Promo Bottle + entrance for 5 people + free champagne bottle: 150€

You can buy the tickets through this link.

Elrow Nomads, Nuevo Mundo

This is a slightly different party, instead of taking place during the night of the 31st, it happens during the day of the 1st. So if you still have energy for a second shot, or prefer to party the day after, this is the best choice by far!!

The party takes place at Fabrik, one of the electronic music temples of Spain. The artists for 12 hours of Party will be Joseph Capriati, Matador -Live-, Technasia, Edu Imbernon. Speedy J, Gary Beck, Marc Maya, George Privatti, Mario Biani, Andres Campo, Nuke, Cesar Almena and Overman

The price is 30 € and Buses will be available from Plaza de España from 15:00.