Piedra Papel Tijera Festival

PIEDRA, PAPEL, TIJERA FEST is a new concept of lesbic festival, mixing art, culture, great music, nature and tons of party.

piedra papel tijera festival

The festival was born after the crowdfunding experience to create the lesbic shortfilm “Cluedo. No hay Asesino

Their aim is to keep organizing cultural events, activities and parties to promote women’s cultural footprint as well as creating leisure environments where creativity and crazyness are the main engine.

They are geting involved in Madrid Culture and want this event to be a must in your Agenda!

LGBT, party, art, culture, music.. a new event was born to stay in Madrid.

Don’t miss this party the 11-12nd of June, at the end of the Spring!

We will be posting more updates on this party. Don’t miss it!


Piedra Papel Tijera Aftermovie 11-12 de JUNIO. from Piedra Papel Tijera on Vimeo.