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What is the World Pride?

WorldPride Madrid 2017 is the biggest Gay Pride Event in the World.

Starting in Chueca Neighborhood, and blooming all over the city of Madrid (LGBT capital of Spain and Europe), the World Gay Pride will conquer big avenues like Gran Vía, Paseo de la Castellana or emblematic squares like Plaza de Colón, Cibeles or Puerta de Alcalá.

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All this started in Chueca in the 70s, when a depressed area bloomed into an area home of the freedom rights in Spain, which started to host the Madrid Gay Pride (Orgullo Gay) that soon spread all over the city. This year the World Pride will make this party even more international.

A huge festival that celebrates diversity and freedom through a big number of stages placed around the city, with concerts and free parties on open air. Art, cultural events, conferences, music, sports, solidarity, and plenty of events all over Madrid. The capital of Spain is proud of showing its open minded attitude towards all forms of love.

The biggest occasion to celebrate for the LGBT community, and for the rest of people of Madrid, who want to show their pride of being an open minded city that celebrates and encourages diversity.

When is the WorldPride?

From the 23th of June until the 2nd of July we will be able to enjoy more than a week full of activities and parties.

The program of the WorldPride 2017  includes the International Human Rights Conference (26-28 of june) with prominent international activists, the Pride Village (an open space full of stalls with LGBTI associations, vendors, media and people from our community to connect to), an International Festival of Culture and, of course, the Pride Parade!!!


The Pride Parade

madrid parade drag queenThe 1st of July, Saturday will take place the most important event of the week, the Pride Parade!

The Pride Parade will be the central act of the World Pride Madrid 2017, the huge demonstration on that day is an icon in the city not only for the LGTB community. More than 3 million people from all over the world will march along the main streets of Madrid claiming for human rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual and respect for diversity all over the world. Madrid claims for world freedom!

Starting with a slow pace, the festival soon gains intensity until it switches into an explosion of senses shared with the people that party by your side. Madness is mandatory.

The Parade, with the trucks and buses full of semi naked men and women dancing to good vibe music is the perfect situation to let go our stifness and just flow. Usually the best music comes form the WE Party truck, with its unconditional followers dancing to their electro music and admiring their hot crew. Choose your favorite and follow them until we reach the big square where open air concerts happen, with international superstars.


Why has Madrid been chosen?

city hall madrid spain rainbow gay flagLooking back into the last years, Madrid has turned into one of the favourite destinations for the gay community worldwide.

There are several reasons to explain this. The capital of Spain, besides a top touristic and cutural site, is also a fun, welcoming and tolerant city that connects easily with the LGBT community.

Spanish legislation on LGBT rights is one of the most advanced in the world, and one of the first countries to allow same-sex marriages. Combining this with the fact that visitors feel very welcomed when visiting and there is plenty of leisure and cultural attractions, Madrid is growing every year in visitors, especially LGBT.

Also, Madrid Pride is consiered one of the best in the world and the biggest in Europe. Awarded in two occasions as the “Best Gay Event in the World” is no surprise that has been chosen unanimously to host the World Pride 2017.


Chueca: The LGBT district

Once a traditional neighborhood, Chueca was reborn into the epicentre of modernity, home of the latest trends in fashion and design and host of the craziest parties and coolest restaurants in the city.

An area where people from all ages share their lives with the newbies with an open mind, and where visitors and tourists are also welcome to enjoy the cultural scene and shop in the nice stores along Fuencarral and Hortaleza streets.

Chueca was the first gay area, but nowadays diversity is expanding throught the city, to the point that we can find 6 truly LGBT neighborhoods in Madrid, check out our guide on all of them.

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Things to see and do in Madrid

Madrid is not only its gay and lesbian scene, as Chueca is not the only LBGT district in the city. Madrid has an amazing top-class offer. Some of the best museums in the world, some of the funniest clubs to party, some of the finest restaurants, a brilliant blue and sunny sky, green and fresh parks, alternative scene, musicals in Gran Via street, world-class football teams… the list is long.

If you are interested in knowing more about the historical and cultural Madrid check out our guide to visit the main sites in two days.


Arriving to Madrid

If you are coming from abroad, the best option is to fly to Madrid-Barajas airport, not far from the city centre and with great connections by subway, train and bus. Check out our section on Madrid public transport, where you can find detailed info on how to move around.

To find the best deal to fly to Madrid, check out our travel section where you can find a search engine and active voucher codes for the main airlines and travel agencies.

If you are coming from another city in Spain, you can check the AVE bullet train or Bla Bla Car carsharing The latter is our preferred option, as you share private cars and get to know very interesting people while you save a lot of money. You can find more information on these in our Travel section.


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Where to Sleep

Finding a place to stay during the World Pride is going to be your toughest task, anyway, don’t despair, there are always options, we are here to help.

If hotels in the city centre are fully booked or way to expensive, you can check hostels or  apartments through AirBnb, Rentalia or Wimdu. Check out our Accomodation section where you can find a search engine powered by Tripadvisor and voucher codes for Hotels, Hostels and travel agencies.

Also, you can book a place in the outskirts of the city, where you can find cheaper prices and benefit from the fast and efficient city transports of Madrid. Check out our Transports section for more details.